Enviormental protection by long livecycle  Due to their long lasting and stable effect in daily demands,  i-aramid products contain an environmental protection built - in.  Compared to treated non inflammable products, they consist of a  life expectancy up to 4 times longer.  This effect minimises the environmental stress during production,  transport and disposal. The waste of fibre, produced within the  textile chain, is recycled and does not pollute the environment. i-aramid stands for sustainability.
techn info
aramid - fibres i-aramid , without pigments  and spundyed, correspond to Oeko - Tex®  Standart  100 for products with skin contact. Within this standart  Euramid® fibres fulfill all requirements and not just the lower requirements for PPE products.  i-aramid fibres also fulfill the requirments of Reach that are valid at the date of homologation.
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