i-aramid is a meta aramid fibre  For decades, meta - aramid - fibres are applied in the field  of high personal protection garments as well as in technical  end uses, in combination with exposure to heat and flame.  By carrying out these procedures, meta aramid fibres have  proven very successful. Being exposed to direct flames,  the matrix of the textile surfaces is carbonising.  Melting or dripping the fibre is not possible  i-aramid fibres are prosessed by  european partners in the textile chain  i-aramid stapel fibre yarn is spun and woven in Europe,  afterwards it is manufactured into high quality PPE garments  by European garment makers. All products are homologated  and inspected by European test laboratories that  are certified bodies. In setting those high European standards.  i-aramid guarantees continuously high quality products,  protecting your life, according to the homologated protection  level and standard.  We work with European textile chains in order to maintain  european working places and to obtain the highest standard  possible concerning protection and innovation.
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